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Aegir’s Reimbursement and Travel  – Expense report (Excel)

The reimbursement form must be submitted within two weeks of when they happen and submitted with receipts and emailed to Aegir’s Finances Office. Aegir handles directly the payment of hotel and airline tickets to ensure most economical selection of lodging and transportation. We’ll reimburse all reasonable business expenses, after they are approved by Aegir’s Finances Office.

Aegir’s Credit Card Policy

  • American Express credit cards are issued to employees only for specific situations and must be approved and ordered by The Aegir Finances Office. Reasons must be clearly presented before a card is approved. The issuance process takes one month.
  • All expenses associated with a credit card must be associated to a job code.
  • Credit Card loss must be reported immediately to the Aegir’s Finances Office.

Federal Labor Laws

State Labor Laws

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