About Aegir

We are Aegir…

Founded in 1981 by Ms. Ella Williams, she has embedded in our culture the need to achieve “Customer Satisfaction Excellence”. Our customer centric approach requires us to execute our contracts and tasks as an extension of you, our clients and partners. We strive to see the objectives from your point-of-view and achieve the results that best suite your needs. We believe in on-site partnering, where possible, and we have established corporate operations that allow us to be effective nationwide.

Why Aegir?

Technical Excellence
Quality results through technical excellence has defined Aegir since 1981. Technical excellence means exceeding your customers expectations on demanding contracts and projects. We have the proven team and the resources to accomplish that objective.

Best Value
Over 30 years of proven contract execution provides us the experience to perform with low risk that few other firms in our field can match. We remain independent and cost effective. Our numerous national performance awards, including our most recent U.S. SBA “Top Woman Entrepreneur Honoree in the Nation for 2004”, are a testament to our best value success.

Small Business Leader
In our markets, Aegir defines small business leadership. As a Woman-Owned, MBE/WBE firm we are often told by our customers, partners, and competitors that we “set-the-bar” as a small business firm. Our goal is not to be a role model, but as a by-product of company culture and customer satisfaction excellence, we are proud to be one.